Political Action Committee (PAC)

You can help us make the difference.

The MMBBA Political Action Committee (PAC) is a voluntary, non-partisan committee that directly represents the interests of the real estate finance industry in the State of Maryland’s political system.

It is the industry’s voice for helping to elect legislative candidates who understand and have concern about our views relevant to current and proposed legislation at the state level.  Our elected officials decide on important issues that impact our industry.  It is critical that our voice be heard.

Your contributions to the MMBBA PAC are strictly voluntary but are crucial to our continued presence and success in Annapolis.  We believe that your contributions, whatever the size, are investments in your future and the future of our industry.

Please fund your future by taking a moment today to contribute to the MMBBA PAC.  Your investment along with those of other members of the MMBBA will allow us to continue our efforts in the Maryland legislative process.    

Click Here for MMBBA PAC Donation Form

Contributions to the MMBBA PAC are NOT tax-deductible.  

Burgess Kegan, Chair
Retirement Funding Solutions
[email protected]

Ernnie Grue, Treasurer
[email protected]

Trey Quinn, PAC Assistant
[email protected]