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MARC Exhibitor Form

Early Bird rate per 6 foot table space is $1095 for MBA/MW or MMBBA Members, $2190 for non-members.  Early Bird rate per 8 x 10 foot space is $1195 for MBA/MW or MMBBA members or $2390 for non-members.  Each organization will contribute money towards the respective organization membership annual fees if non-members are interested in joining.  Membership application must be submitted by 7/1/19, membership is subject to approval.
*After Early Bird rates end, the fee for each exhibit space increases by $200 respectively.

Each 8 x 10 foot booth space comes with 2 exhibitor badges (full conference access), 8' high back wall and 3' high side rails, 6' x 30' skirted table, plastic contour side chairs, wastebasket, booth ID sign. Table tops include:  6' x 30' skirted table, plastic contour side chairs, wastebasket, booth ID sign.

Additional badges may be purchased at the published conference registration rates.  Once your exhibitor application is received and processed, a code will be sent to you to register your designated booth staff.


Exhibit set up:
Tuesday, May 15 from 6:30-8:30am

Exhibit Hall Open:
Tuesday, May 15 from 9:00am until 6:30pm
Wednesday, May 16 from 8:30am until 3:00pm

Exhibit Booth Breakdown:
Wednesday, May 16 from 3-5pm

  Credit Card
  Appraisal Company
  Credit Bureau/Reporting
  Mortgage Broker
  Mortgage Insurance
  Mortgage Consulting
  Real Estate Services
  Title Insurance

Click here to view Exhibit Floorplan.

  8 x 10
  Table top

Agreement to Terms
MBA/MW and MMBBA reserve the right to determine the eligibility of any company, product or service, and the right to restrict, prohibit or evict any exhibit or product that, in the opinion of MBA/MW and MMBBA detracts from the character of the Conference or for any violation of the following “Terms and Conditions.” To maintain a high quality of professionalism at this event, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees are asked to refrain from recruiting. In the event of a restriction or eviction, MBA/MW and MMBBA shall not be held liable for the refund of exhibit fees or any other costs incurred by the exhibitor.

MBA/MW and MMBBA reserve the right to finalize all contractual agreements with exhibiting companies. All reservations from companies wishing to exhibit will be considered by MBA/MW and MMBBA if the exhibitor agrees in writing to abide by the decisions of MBA/MW and MMBBA relating to exhibit locations and activity. Completion of the Exhibitor Application with payment by a company agent on the contract implies acceptance on the part of that exhibiting company of all policies and regulations as set forth herein.

Exhibitors agree that they, their employees, and their agents will observe all MBA/MW and MMBBA policies and regulations herein. Exhibiting companies will be held responsible for the actions of the individuals affiliated with that company.

Violators will be penalized in the assignment of tabletop exhibit space at future MARC conferences and/or financial recompense to MBA/MW and MMBBA to recover monetary damages.


Exhibitor Details
All exhibitor displays must fit in the purchased exhibit space: (8x10 booth or 6-ft tabletop). Exhibitors will be provided with one draped 6’ x 30” skirted table, (2) chairs, (1) wastebasket, booth ID sign, installation and removal, and wireless internet access.

MGM National Harbor is the exclusive provider for the following services: Audiovisual, Truss & Rigging, Staging and Lighting, Electrical, Food & Beverage, Telecommunications, and Internet.  Additional information on ordering such items or services will be provided in the Exhibitor Kit which will be sent electronically 6 – 8 weeks prior to the conference.

Public address, sound-producing, or amplifying devices are prohibited. No exhibitors will provide or distribute alcohol at the Conference facility.


Exhibit Booth/Table Assignment
Exhibit spaces will be assigned on a first come, first-served basis. Full payment must accompany the application. Exhibit locations will not be assigned if payment has not been received. Requests for neighboring exhibit tables must be indicated on the applications. There must be an individual application from each exhibitor. MBA/MW and MMBBA shall attempt, but shall not be responsible, for accommodating such requests.

MBA/MW and MMBBA reserve the right to rearrange or adjust the floor plan in the best interest of the Conference. Subleasing and sharing of exhibit space is prohibited. All signs, displays, and exhibit products must be related to the exhibiting company as the name appears on the contract.


Installation and Dismantling
All displays must be in place and set up at least 30 minutes prior to the official opening of the exhibit hall.  Any exhibitor failing to occupy space contracted and paid for, within one hour of the Conference opening, forfeits that space and how that space is to be used. MBA/MW and MMBBA reserves the right to use such space as it sees fit to enhance the overall appearance of the Conference.  
If the booth and materials are not set up during official installation hours,  MBA/MW and MMBBA will instruct the exhibit company to set the booth and this cost will be charged to the Exhibitor.   No Exhibitor will be permitted to dismantle a booth prior to the official close of the show.  


Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws
Exhibitor shall comply with all Federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to fire regulations. MBA/MW and MMBBA  has no responsibility for Exhibitor compliance with applicable laws.


Exhibitors are responsible for guarding their own booths, merchandise, equipment and personnel during the hours the Hall is open. Each exhibit booth must be manned by at least one person at all times. After exhibit hours, no one will be admitted into the Exhibit Hall unless clearance is obtained from Exhibit Management.


Cancellations and Refunds
Notice of cancellations and request for refunds must be made in writing to the MARC Committee via email to Cancellations received on or before noon March 1,  2019 will receive a full refund minus a 10% processing fee. No refunds will be made after March 1, 2019.

Upon cancellation of the Conference, the liability of MBA/MW and MMBBA shall be limited to a refund of the exhibit cost only.


Distribution of Printed Matter
Exhibitors may distribute advertising materials, literature, souvenir items or promotional materials only within the confines of their own reserved space.


Liability and Indemnification
Exhibitor assumes entire responsibility, and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless MBA/MW, MMBBA, the Exposition company, and MGM National Harbor, its officers; directors; owners; and affiliated companies; and all employees and agents of all of them (hereinafter collectively called ‘Indemnities’) against (i) any personal injury to Exhibitor or its officers, agents, employees or guests, or to any other person in attendance at the Exposition; (ii) any damage to, or loss of, any property of the Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents or employees, or of any other person in attendance at the Exposition; (iii) any governmental charges or fines; and (iv) any attorney’s fees arising out of, or caused by, Exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the Exposition Facility, or a part thereof, excluding any such injury, loss, damage or other liability caused by the gross negligence or willful conduct of the Indemnities, their employees and agents. Exhibitor also expressly releases the Indemnities from, and agrees to indemnify them against, any and all claims for the specified injury, damage, loss, or other liability and hereby waives any and all claims that may accrue to Exhibitor. In addition, Exhibitor acknowledges that MBA/MW and MMBBA and the other Indemnities do not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor’s property, and that it is the sole responsibility of Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering losses by Exhibitor relative to its property.


Force Majeure
If an event, including but not limited to, acts of God; acts, regulations, or orders of governmental authorities; re; food or explosion; war; disaster; civil disorder (including labor disputes or demonstrations of any kind); acts of terrorism or other violence; curtailment of transportation facilities; or other cause beyond its control, makes it illegal, impracticable, or otherwise inadvisable for MBA/MW, MMBBA, or the MGM National Harbor to provide the facilities or services contracted for herein, this Agreement shall terminate without further obligation on the part of any party hereto.  Upon postponement or disruption of the Exposition for any cause beyond the control of MBA/MW, MMBBA, and MGM National Harbor, Exhibitor hereby waives any claim to any compensation or damages, other than the return, on a pro-rata basis, of the amount of rental paid.


MBA/MW and MMBBA shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement contained herein, and the power to make such amendments thereto and to set such further terms and conditions as it shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the Exposition, provided, such new terms and conditions do not materially alter or diminish the contractual rights of Exhibitor.


  I agree and understand all of the terms and conditions of exhibiting at 2019 MARC.